AGL Santorini Orologas: Real estate expert!

Our experience, reliability and confidentiality are your guarantee that you will get the house of your dreams on Santorini Island!

AGL SANTORINI OROLOGAS is a certified real estate office in Santorini with register number 40642 and specific identification number 325. The company began operating in 2006 and is, currently, the most organized real estate agency in Santorini with the largest property file. Since 2016 we are active all over Attica, having our main office at Pireaus. We deal with all types of real estate: private house rental, vacation houses rental by day, purchase and sale, land purchase and sale, as well as commercial properties, hotels, businesses, estate appraisals & loans. Our aim is to support you before and after the purchase of your property, thus our INTEGRATED PROPERTY SERVICES include the following: MAPS & VILLAGES, PROPERTY LOANS, HOUSE RENTAL, PROPERTY MANAGEMENT, PROPERTY SERVICES AND PROPERTY INSURANCE.

AGL Realty Athens: 2 Loudovikou Str & Akti Kalimasioti, Piraeus, 18351,

 T: +30 210 4120500, +30 210 4222777 • E:

AGL Realty Santorini: Karterados Mall, Karterados, Santorini, 84700, 

 T: +30 22860 25122, +30 22860 25085 • E: