Caldera Yachting Santorini Luxury Cruises: The experience of a lifetime

Santorini is an island famous worldwide for its landscapes of insurmountable beauty. Explore it and discover its hidden treasures, by choosing Caldera Yachting for luxurious cruises with all modern amenities. The company has been in the sea tourism bussiness since 2009, through yachting, with the area of Caldera as a central point of interest as well as the surrounding island destinations. Day or sunset, shared or private cruises can be arranged, including the transportation of the costumers from the hotel to the port, while during the cruise there is the possibility for a guided tour which provides useful information in order for the clients to be able to get acquainted with the area as well as possible. The excursion includes places of high touristic interest like the Santorini Lighthouse, Red and White volcanic beaches, Black mountain, Volcano, Hot Springs, Thirasia, Ammoudi Bay in Oia and many more which will certainly excite you and provide the perfect background for a vacation which you will never forget! The visitors will be able to swim, snorkel, enjoy the deep blue waters, dine on board and admire the breathtaking Santorenian sunset. Caldera Yachting’s fleet offers amazing benefits, since besides the catamarans and luxurious motor yachts you can make your selection between sailing boats or traditional wooden vessels. The crew, friendly towards the passengers, is always willing to fullfill your every wish and offers you its best services aiming to provide you with the best care possible! For the very same reason the company’s cruises are all inclusive, so all the vessels are fully stocked with beverages and alcoholic drinks as well as food which is prepared on the boat, reaching your plates directly and thus retaining all of the aromas of the island’s local products. In addition to that, towels and all the necessary equipment are provided. Caldera Yachting creates the ultimate and unforgettable experience through exceptional personalized cruises, ensuring the utmost in comfort, service and enjoyment.

Discover the magical island of santorini with our luxury yachts

Caldera Yachting has been awarded for its fleet and services with the Gold Award 2016 in the category of «Customer Services» and the Silver Award 2015 in the category «Specialty Offering – Sea Tourism».

Fira, Santorini

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