Elatos Resort & Health Club: Discreet luxury in a magical environment – (English Version)

For beautiful family moments, for cheerful trips with your friends, romantic getaways with your beloved one, Elatos Resort & Health Club is the ideal destination and the best choice for your staying. Built in a green slope of Parnassos, it is the ideal place for you to spend relaxing and pleasant moments, enjoying the natural beauty and the numerous activities you have the opportunity to discover. Such as hikes and excursions with certified guides and unique activities. Of course, the excellent cuisine, will introduce you some of the best traditional dishes made with local, fresh and pure ingredients. Finally, during Christmas and New Year’s Eve, you and your family can choose among plenty of entertainment ways, like mountain activities, group games, and music lives.

Elatos Resort & Health Club, Eptalofos – Parnassos

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