Santorini: Discover the island’s treasures (English Version)

Natural beauty, rich traditions, long history and flashy cosmopolitan character all come together in one unique destination, none other than Santorini, the landmark of Cycladic architecture with the spectacular view that radiates in all five continents.

By Katerina Pothitou


Every corner a different sentiment

What can someone say about Santorini, this gorgeous island with the volcanic landscapes of insurmountable beauty, the greyish blue coast, the amazing Kaldera and the view of the Aegean that is unparalleled by any other in the world? The reasons, for which photographs of the island grace the pages of the greatest travel guides of the world, are countless, the place is one of the most important and popular destinations in all of the Mediterranean and world-famous personalities grace it with their presence each year! History and tradit ion have been etched on its buildings and settlements and through monuments, castles (kastelia) and the works of artists you can take a magnificent journey in time. Wander from ancient times, to the Venetian occupation, to the Christian era up to modern times. Taste the local cuisine with authentic native products, become acquainted with the vineyards of Santorini and sample the famous wines that have been loved by millions of people around the globe. Arrange excursions and small trips to Santorini and the surrounding areas to marvel its dreamy and at the same time untamed beauty up-close. These and many more, all in one place, the lovely Santorini… are you ready to discover its treasures?




Island’s Traditional Culture

Santorini’s beauty and temperament is obvious through time. From ancient years to this day the island’s culture remains unchanged, various locations and cultural institutions offer the visitor the chance to get to know it and admire all of its treasures. Don’t miss the prehistoric settlement of Akrotiri, one of the most important in the Aegean, where you will become acquainted with elements of human activity from the Neolithic ages, as well as the castles of Pyrgos, Skaros, Agios Nikolaos and Oia. Tour the various cultural centres, like the mineral and fossil exhibit, the Megaro Gyzi cultural centre with art exhibitions and events that aim to bring the island into prominence, the Art Space with sculptures and works of important contemporary artists and of course don’t forget to visit the “Santorini of the Past” museum exhibit at Pyrgos, where you will have the opportunity to see the bygone traditional way of life on the island and the inhabitants’ economic activities. The traditional customs of the area on the day of the Epitaph, are also marvelous, with a spectacle of flaming tin cans, placed everywhere in Pyrgos that can be seen from various spots on the island, unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Take long hikes and organize excursions to discover first-hand that Santorini is not just a cosmopolitan location, but also a cultural and historical center with deep roots in the evolution and development of the Aegean!

Of course, the most important place of civilization on the island is the Museum of Prehistoric Thera. The museum can be seen as an extension of the archaeological site of Akrotiri, since it houses frescoes and mobile findings of this urban center in the period of great prosperity (17th century B.C). Alongside hosts findings from many other places of Thera dating from the 5th millennium B.C (Newer Neolithic Period) as the 17th century B.C and show the passage of various cultures from the Aegean Sea in a long period of prehistory. Noteworthy is the fact that all the exhibits are in excellent state of conservation.






Explore the most remarkable sights

The first thing that comes to mind when someone talks of Santorini, is the incredible view of the Aegean and the enchanting deep blue from the famous Kladera. Santorini though, has the ability to put visitors under its spell with sites which will take your breath away and excite you no matter how many times you visit them! The number 1 site is of course the volcano, the sight of which is awe-inspiring, since it is a first-time experience for many tourists, and a kind of adventure for adrenaline-junkies. On the southeast part of the island, at Mesa Vouno, you will find ancient Thira, a place of unique beauty that captures the former glory of Santorini and its deep rooted cultural identity that has survived throughout the ages. As we continue our journey and reach the Christian era, we find religious tradition reflected through the 600 churches and chapels of the island, from which you absolutely have to visit the church of Ag. Eirini (Santa Irene) after which Santorini was named, as well as the Aghios Nikolaos monastery in lovely Imerovigli. Conclude your tour with a beloved site, adored by all, untouched by the passing of time… we are of course talking of the famous Santorini sunset, which you can marvel from various spots of the Kaldera like Oia, Fira, Vluchada Beach and Profitis Elias!






A wine tourism destination

Santorini with such a long tradition in the production, processing and export of wine could not but have a prominent place among the most famous destinations of wine tourism. The special climate and the topography as shaped by the volcanic activity of the place makes the island every year a major attraction for lovers of good wine!
There is much to admire about the wine of Santorini which the production is said to have been started from the 3rd BC millennium since excavations at Akrotiri showed that viticulture was a basic activity of the inhabitants. Moreover what makes it special is the peculiar ecosystem with minimal rainfall and of course the innovative culture of vines with pruning feature a coil shape in order to protect the fruit from the winds. This way the grapes are protected and mature safely maintaining original flavor and aroma as the acidity, high quality wines agent.
These and more you can see up close if you decide to visit the wineries of the island where they will guide you to the sites, they will give you valuable information about each wine production stage and you will be able to taste the different wine varieties that are produced there. A very unique experience that you can live at Santorini are the Wine Roads consisting of winemakers associations that promote alternative forms of tourism and wine suggestions with main concern the wine education of the public. So if you love good wine, do not waste time and visit Santorini for a unique journey into the world of wine!







Exceptional Gastronomy & Local Products

The island is a gastronomic paradise! The terrain’s morphology, the volcanic soil, the climate and the particular local agriculture yield unique local products, which you definitely have to try if you visit Santorini. Start your journey through the magic of Santorinian cuisine, with fine fava with its intense yellow colour and wonderful aroma which alert all 5 senses. Continue by tasting the scrumptious tomato of Santorini, whose seed originated in Egypt thousands of years ago according to legend, and now is the star in refreshing salads and of course the renowned fried tomato-balls, while its taste remains exquisite  even in the form of tomato-paste which you can enjoy in pasta sauces or in other imaginative recipes. One more unique flavour you shouldn’t miss out on is that of the white eggplants, native to the island, with their silky texture that will carry you away to the ultimate gastronomic delight of the famous Greek mousaka. Of course sweet treats and original desserts, such as tiramisu with baked eggplant or kadaifi with myzithra mousse, are not absent from Santorini’s cuisine. All of these wonderful flavours that will overwhelm you with their tastiness and their aromas can be found in the island’s restaurants in many scrumptious variations that spark the visitors’ interest. Last but not least, do not forget to accompany them with popular local wine labels, famous around the world for their aromas and flavours, such as the Vinsanto, Asyrtiko, Athiri and Aidani. Bon appetit!



Parade full of celebrities

Sailing on luxurious yachts, champagne and lavish dinners with the horizon in the background, drinks, refreshing cocktails, loud music and wild parties are just a few of the things that characterize one of the most cosmopolitan islands of the Mediterranean, that has become a religion and a must destination for Greek and international stars. Each year the bars at the Kaldera, the narrow streets of Fira and the beaches with the characteristic volcanic landscape, become an attraction for the local and international jet-set, who come here to relax and have fun while taking in the view, enjoying the sea and the unparalleled beauty of the famous island.  Rihanna, Brangelina, Eleni Menegaki, Adrianna Sklenarikova, Natassa Theodoridou, Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry are just a few of the celebrities that have visited the island.  The island also attracts famous bloggers from all over the world, while it is particularly popular with social media users. The spectacular landscapes of the island have been featured many times in famous singers’ video clips, such as Sakis Rouvas,  Manos Krass and Justin Bieber, as well as in major  Hollywood motion pictures like Tomb Raider: The cradle of life. So, don’t be surprised if a famous star is having his dinner at the next table, this is a part of daily life for an island like Santorini.









Explore the magnificent island

Travel to the dreamy island with the enchanting locations that will blow you away with their beauty and brilliance. Discover all of Santorini’s treasures by organizing trips on yachts that will take you and your loved ones to truly unforgettable places. Wander around the White and Red beach as well as Vlychada Beach, and see the world-famous lunar landscapes, formed by volcanic activity. Sail along Akrotiri and reach Aspronisi or visit Palaia Kameni for a swim in the warm thermal baths of the area.  You can also tour the amazing sites of Santorini, like Megalos Faros (great lighthouse) and many others. Besides Santorini you will also have the chance to explore the surrounding Cycladic islands. Discover the beauties of Mykonos, chill in Anafi, see the Cycladic landscapes of Folegandros and party in Ios. So don’t waste any  more time, this season there is only one destination…Santorini!




The Riva Experience

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A magical tour

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