Sehre: The place to drink, dance and have fun! More than a bar – (English Version)

Happy, funky, cheerful, smiles, good times, life memories… are some of the words that come into mind when I think about the café-bar Sehre. If you have visited this amazing place at least once, you know exactly what I mean. If you haven’t be prepared to love it and make it the “place to be”, for your daily hangouts.

Sehre is the place where you will have your first coffee of the day, where you will meet with your friends, the place where you can drink excellent cocktails every Saturday evening and dance until dawn, under the unique musical choices of its DJs, Nenes Nikos and Nikos Baltas. It’s the place where you can laugh with your friends or have a calming tea on a beautiful Sunday afternoon to warm up… Yes, Sehre will become your haunt even if you are not local.

Sehre has a great cocktail list, which contains cocktails made with 3 cents refreshments while you can find a brand new wine list which includes 8 white labels (3 in glass), 7 red (3 in glass) Greek, French and Spanish.

Lakka Square, Arachova

T: 2267 031518

FB: Sehre